About Us

ophazines is a a group of friends providing free zines annually for public consumption. This is a fun project to bring artists together!

Zines We've Produced

RPZinemaker (2023) - RPZinemaker was our first zine. RPZinemaker was made to celebrate the legacy of RPG Maker games. We invited game devs as guest artists, and we had a guest mod, Cal Sabatani, help with putting the zine together. It was a really fun experience! It features 71 pages of art and written fiction, over 50 contributors, and fanart of games including classics and newer titles!

My Figure Zine (2024) - My Figure Zine was our second zine celebrating figure collecting. We hoped to make a more experimental zine this time and tried new things. There were around 40 contributors total and fanart of a variety of popular and obscure figures!

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